4 Reasons Why Obasanjo Visited Buhari Today, June 3 [OPINION]

President Muhammadu Buhari today hosted former President Olusegun Obasanjo at the Aso rock Presidential villa.

Although, the reason for the meeting is yet to be made public, here are reasons why Obasanjo may have visited Buhari.

1. Niger Delta Avengers and other security issues

Obasanjo probably just wants to drop some tidbit on how President Buhari can strong-arm the militants and other troublemakers into submission.

2. State of the Economy

The Nigerian economy under Obasanjo was better than one year under Buhari has been. Obasanjo most definitely has some magic tricks he could share with Buhari.

3. Check on Him

Rumour has it that ”President Buhari cancelled all his trips because he’s a bit under the weather” . As a good Nigerian elder, Obasanjo is probably just checking in to say ”Baba have you swallowed your Paracetamol today?”.

4. Looters list

Obasanjo most certainly wants to know if his name is on the looters’ list that was supposed to be released yesterday.

Written by Juliana Okon

DISCLAIMER : This article does not represent the official position of Parrot Gist

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