5 Major Professions That Makes It Difficult For Ladies To Get A Husband

A lady’s wedding day is one of the happiest day in her life, and that is every woman’s dream. But there are some professions which makes it extremely difficult for a lady or a marriageable lady to get her life partner. This is actually due to societal, stereotypical and ethics belief.

Beow are the five major profession that makes if difficult for a lady to get a life partner.

1. Strippers

This is a profession ladies do at expensive lounges and bars where they display almost all the glory of their body for viewers discretion to enjoy. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but opposite is the case when men spot ladies in these areas.

However most guys will not consider these category of ladies for serious relationship let alone marriage.

2. Military and Paramilitary Force

As a single lady if you join a paramilitary or military force, the chances to getting a husband may be slim, because guys will assume such ladies will possess arrogant behaviour and won’t be submissive.

3. Acting/Modelling

Most actresses live exorbitant lifestyles that can chase guys away. Men often bash female actress and models because they believe that they always offer their body to producers in a bid to get famous and they probably don’t have time for the family as they travel to different locations every now and then shooting movies and showing off.

4. Fitness Trainers And Weight Lifters:

Most men consider female weight lifters and fitness trainers a total turn off, since ladies who engage in such activities become more muscular and some likely lose their ‘sexiness’ along the line. Every man loves the curvy shape of his woman, not the muscular built. Well, no man wants to get married to a lady who will turn him to a punching bag anytime things goes wrong.

5. Lawyers:

Most men have this belief that female lawyers won’t make good wives. They say that they won’t be submissive in the house and would always want to prove that they are right just like they do in court. Also some men get scared of approaching a lady who is a lawyer as they feel she would be arrogant and might embarrass them.

I know for a fact that most female lawyers often aspire to get married or at least be in a very serious relationship before they are called to the bar because after they are called, the ‘market’ or demand for them diminishes rapidly.

Men, would you pick any lady with the listed professions for a wife ?

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