Ghali Naaba Joins People’s Trust, Endorses Hashim For President

Nigeria’s former speaker join People’s Trust, endorses Hashim for President

Former Speaker of Federal House of Representatives, Alh. Ghali Naaba has joined People’s Trust (PT) Mr Rights can exclusively report.

The former speaker was part of a stakeholders meeting held by Olawepo Hashim’s People’s Trust during the week .

Contrary to claims that the former speaker joined People Democratic Party (PDP) after leaving All Progressive Congress (APC)

Mr Rights can authoritatively report that the former speaker is now in People’s Trust, teaming up with Olawepo Hashim to push both PDP and APC out of the political space.

While speaking at the People’s Trust Stakeholders Meeting, Naaba called on all Nigerians to give Olawepo Hashim a chance in 2019 to lead Nigeria.

He assured that Hashim will lead Nigeria to the promise land.

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