Our Struggle Has Entered a New Swing- Niger Delta Avengers Issues New Statement

Nigerian Militant group Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, has issued a statement saying its struggle has “entered a new swing.”

The NDA is responsible for several recent attacks on oil facilities in the Niger Delta area.

In a statement titled ‘Message To Our Brothers In the Struggle’, and signed by its spokesman, Brig. Gen. Mudoch Agbinibo, the group warned its members not to attack soldiers, oil workers and civilians.

“The liberation of the Niger Delta people has taken a new swing with the daily emergence of new groups all over the region. The Avengers are calling on all groups in the region to be strong and resolute as it is obvious that God is on our side,” the message began.

“The groups are much now both real and unreal, but if you are really fighting for the liberation of the Niger Delta people, the high command of the Avengers is calling on you not to attack any soldier and those claiming to have anti aircraft missiles should desist from targeting any aircraft,” it said.

“Let us be careful not to offend God in the process of trying to liberate our people from the shackles of the Nigerian government, because we need God more than anything right now.

“We also need the international community as well. Hence, we must desist from any life threatening actions that will derail our genuine struggle for our people. All groups are hereby discouraged from indulging in harassing oil workers and soldiers.

“We urge you all to help any oil workers or soldiers you see in distress,” it added.

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