President Buhari Issues Stern Warning to Nigerian Workers

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has warned Nigerian workers to behave and not look for ways of defrauding the country.

Addressing the presidential villa staff in Abuja, Buhari said anyone entertaining such thoughts should learn from the experiences of those currently facing prosecution over various allegations.

“We haven’t touched anybody who did not touch public funds, you should behave yourself,” he said. “If you don’t have houses in Abuja and the whole of Europe, you will sleep soundly.

“You and your family will earn respect. But, if you short-change the treasury, you will be caught and I pity your family, because people will be abusing them. People will be calling you big thieves; that how did you raise money to build all the houses in Abuja and Europe with your meagre salary.

“I think personal integrity is something to be encouraged. I assure you that I am absolutely dedicated to serve Nigeria. Those who behave themselves will never regret. But, those who don’t behave themselves, is their problem.”

He also added that the war against corruption is a continuous exercise, as long as he is the president.

“This exercise (anti-corruption war) will continue as long as this leadership is here. Whoever takes anything that does not belong to him, or that he is not entitled to, it will be documented and the person will be taken to court. This is the only way I think we can bail ourselves out,” the president said.

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