The First Science, Technology & Computer Secondary School In Nigeria (Photo)

Due to the initial doubt in my mind as well as the mind of many nairalanders and the public in general, I had to undergo a confirmatory visit to Shalom Science and Technology Academy (SSTAC) to ensure that I properly inform my fellow Nairalanders and not mislead them. And I was planning my journey, when I got a call inviting me to come.

The Re-Visit is motivated by the following;

1. To ascertain the level of progress of work from the last time I went.

2. To confirm if it is possible for the school to be completed and ready for use before September 2016, which is the presumptive resumption date. (I had my doubts because of how massive the infrastructures were)

3. To ask for employment opportunities if any, for interested nairalanders who might want to join the team as a staff.

4. Finally to understand more how this vision of a science and technology secondary school came about in the first instance. (Well I hear manufacturing and local production, could this be the start of a blossoming future for our society? )

The answers I got, were mind blowing o

1. I could barely recognise the place because a lot of progress had been made and I was shocked that they had almost finished the paintings because the place was barely plastered when last I went.
2. From what I saw, and the amount of work that was ongoing, The place will be ready way before September. I was even told that there is an Open day event scheduled for end of July. I was further told to always check on their website or Facebook group for information.
3. This one will interest Nairalanders I know lol. it interests me too because I’m also in the labour market. I was told that there are employment opportunities and that nairaland will also be used to let potential applicants know of the recruitment.

4. I understood from our conversations that the vision for SSTAC came from their sister school Shalom Academy, representing Nigeria in international Olympiad competition in biology for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009) having won the zonal, state, regional and nation levels. But unfortunately the lack of practical knowledge when it came to certain aspects of biology and equipment meant that they couldn’t perform well on the international stage. So to avoid a repeat plus to also raise children who will not only know science, computer and technology in theory but be able to use it practically to solve problems in our society, the need for a secondary school like this became apparent. But it is elitist secondary school o, so it’s not cheap.

In Summary,

The pictures below made me believe that SSTAC is actually for real, and they are actually on track to opening by September 2016. I think this is a great step towards the development of our society. Can you imagine kids building inverters, solar panels etc. Or grafting trees for rapid production like most civilized societies, then the right education is very important.

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