Wendy Williams Slams Calvin Harris, Says Taylor Made Us Know You

In her Show earlier this week,the 51-year-old said she’d still discuss the shock break-up because she knew some people were bothered. Wendy then launched into a mean-spirited tirade at one point comparing Taylor to a ghost.

She said: “The problem is when your hair is white blonde you’ve got to wear a lot more make-up otherwise you look like a ghost.”

She then turned her attention to Calvin as she discussed reports he’d split up with Taylor because he didn’t like the spotlight. Wendy joked: “She was Taylor Swift before you started swifting.”

She added: “It’s my thoughts that he got with her to get in the spotlight. Like Trump and so many people, you can have the money but if you don’t have the fame a lot of times people feel very empty.”

Wendy then claimed that she’d never even heard of Calvin before he began dating Taylor in March 2015.

Before wrapping things up, Wendy took one last shot at Taylor – claiming Calvin made her ‘cool’.

She said: “You know what Taylor, Calvin made you cool. You’re the perfect girl but in terms of a pop star you are so corny. But who does not know Wendy.

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