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Veteran Singer, Mike Okri Contracts COVID-19 Despite Full Vaccination

Veteran Nigerian Old time Music Singer, Mike Okri who sang the popular song “Time na Money”

388 New COVID-19 Cases, 135 Discharged And 8 Deaths On August 22

388 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-166 Akwa Ibom-89 Rivers-76 Oyo-15 Edo-12 Benue-11 Delta-7 FCT-4 Ogun-4 Kaduna-2

1064 New COVID-19 Cases, 196 Discharged And 13 Deaths On August 21

1064 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-776 Rivers-143 Ekiti-49 Kwara-33 Ogun-21 Benue-18 Oyo-13 FCT-5 Osun-4 Yobe-2 186,635

357 New COVID-19 Cases, 149 Discharged And 6 Deaths On August 17

357 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Rivers-170 Ondo-38 Gombe-34 Ogun-20 Ekiti-20 FCT-18 Anambra-16 Oyo-13 Kwara-10 Imo-6 Bayelsa-6

Nigeria To Receive 698,880 Doses Of Astrazeneca Vaccine Today

The Federal Government on Monday has announced that Nigeria will today receive 698,880 doses of the

665 New COVID-19 Cases, 117 Discharged And 8 Deaths On August 14

665 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-369 Anambra-68 Oyo-63 Akwa Ibom-48 Kwara-28 Rivers-26 Edo-21 Ekiti-15 Ondo-13 Delta-7

636 New COVID-19 Cases, 149 Discharged And 11 Deaths On August 13

636 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-291 Rivers-117 Taraba-58 Akwa Ibom-54 Kwara-28 Ekiti-14 Ogun-14 FCT-13 Oyo-11 Edo-9

790 New COVID-19 Cases, 72 Discharged And 1 Death On August 11

790 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-574 Rivers-83 Ondo-38 Ogun-31 Oyo-23 Delta-10 FCT-9 Ekiti-7 Edo-6 Osun-4 Anambra-2

422 New COVID-19 Cases, 219 Discharged And 5 Deaths On August 9

422 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-190 Rivers-86 Ogun-85 Oyo-22 FCT-20 Kwara-7 Edo-5 Abia-4 Bayelsa-3 178,508 confirmed

473 New COVID-19 Cases, 63 Discharged And 4 Deaths On August 7

473 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-323 Akwa Ibom-46 Rivers-41 FCT-20 Ekiti-12 Osun-9 Oyo-9 Ogun-6 Bayelsa-3 Anambra-1

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