Covenant University New Rules: Sacked Former Registrar, Oludayo Reacts

Nigeria’s leading Academic Institution, Covenant University known for her stringent rules and regulation that all her students must complied with, recently issued out new orders to her students, one of which as to do with COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE at the daily Early Morning 1-Hour Chapel Prayer (a.k.a Covenant Hour Of Prayers – C.H.O.P) @5:30am , alongside other Chapel Weekly Services, such that any Absentee student stands the risk of being denied access to write the end of semester examinations.

Is this suppose to be strange? Covenant known for what she is undecided

But strangely, the sacked Fmr Registrar, Muyiwa Oludayo (who is also a BSC, MSC and PHD graduate of CU) took to Twitter in a series of tweets, to rant out against his former Alma mata and Employer.

Isn’t it hypocritical that, Oludayo who was a major promulgator, initiator, driver, prosecutor …etc. of some of the stringent rules & regulation while he held sway as the Dean Student Affairs and 2-term Registrar now just came to his senses that some of those rules by coercion are more fruitless than imagined.

Would he be tweeting like this assuming he is still enjoying the ‘bush meat’ and sweet juices of the Powerful positions he once occupied at CU?

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