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Fertility is a big issue. Husbands and wife may blame each other for not having kids or having difficulty to conceive. These 6 things you can do to boost your chances of getting a baby. They work both for men and women. So, take heed and use natural methods to increase your fertility.

1. Enjoyment: Some couples get so focused on the conception that they forget to enjoy sex. If you do it mechanically, you lessen the chances of conceiving a baby. So, get refocused. Remember that you do it because you love your spouse. You accept them fertile or not. Rekindle your feelings, spend time together and enjoy sex!

2. Stop smoking: In men smoking kills sperm cells and in women it reduces the ability of the uterus to receive the fertilized egg. And it ruins your whole body, so if you really wish to be more fertile, drop it.

3. Weight: Ladies try to stay fit and on a diet. However, “fashionable” weight is not healthy. Skinny women become less able to conceive a child or carry a healthy baby. So, extremities are bad. Being too thin or too fat kills your fertility. As for the men, the obese ones get a lower quality of sperm!

4. Stress: Anxiety and stress make you unable to conceive or produce healthy sperm cells. Depression and fear have to be dealt with before you go ahead and have your baby.

5. Sperm and heat: This one is for men. Heat kills sperm. Long distance drivers and those who spend many hours sitting lower their fertility. Your testicles get overheated, and the sperm dies. And you should not carry cell phones in your pants’ pockets. They also contribute to overheating.

6. Use the Nigerian number one fertility boost therapy: This one has been helping couple since the year 2000 when it came to Nigeria. There are lots of testimonials to attest the fact. All couple should and must go through this program if they want to start to see positive result in their fertility journey. The Fertility cleansing preconception program has worked great for tons of women we have been privileged to work with in restoring many homes and making families happy again.

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