JSS 3 Exam Fees: Private Schools Parents Besiege Lagos Exam Board For Refund

Parents and guardians of private secondary schools in Lagos State have besieged the Lagos State Examination board asking for a refund of the money paid in registering their wards for Junior Secondary School 3 (JSS 3) examination in the state.

The Lagos State Government had on Wednesday told parents not to pay any money for the JSS 3 examination as the government had already paid for the examination.

However, the government has clarified that the free payment was for public schools and not private schools in the state.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Mrs. Adebunmi Adekanye clarified that the payment of examination fees by the present administration was only for JSS 3 State Public Secondary Schools students who would sit for the 2019 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

She stressed that the clarification became necessary to educate parents and guardians of children and wards in Private Secondary Schools who had been visiting the Lagos State Examinations Board to seek a refund of fees already paid.

“Such parents had the erroneous impression that the State Government payments covered all students across the Lagos,” she said.

She emphasised that despite the government’s commitment to ensuring all students got quality education in the State, the onus to pay examination fees for students in private schools rested on their parents.

Adekanye reiterated that the payment of BECE fees by the government was limited to public school students in the State.

However, the Permanent Secretary gave assurance that the government would prevent extortion of parents of students in Private Schools by the operators or public officials, noting that the cost of the examination was the same for students in both public and private schools without discrimination.

The Permanent Secretary also urged Public School students and parents to report any official of government who sought payment of any sum of money for whatever reason to the Tutors-General in their Education Districts or her office at the Ministry of Education, Alausa for prompt action.

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