Kogi Civil Servant Storms AIT, Tells Governor Yahaya Bello To Pay Her

She stormed AIT yesterday insisting that she must informed Nigerians of her predicament.

The woman said that the Governor insisted that she should go on retirement while she has just spend 15 years in service.

She said she want the whole world to help him beg the Governor to reinstate her and then pay her, that she still have 13 years of service left before thinking of retirement.

Kogi state government is owing her over two years of salaries.

The woman went on to exposed the Governor, she said Yaya Bello is owing 2 years and when he manage to pay 2 months he will say that he had pay all the whole money, this causes the journalist to burst into laughter.

She said the Governor should pay her because she is hungry and he should not remove any kobo from it, The journalist burst into laughter again.

The woman said she didnt just go to school, that she have her pedigree and other certificate before the Governor came into power in 2015.

She demand the Governor to pay her…

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