“No Man Will Marry You” – Instagram Slay Mama Under Fire For Dancing Braless

A Nigerian Instagram Slay Mama is currently under fire over the videos she uploaded online.

The slay mama Oge Iloh who is popularly known as ‘Sexy Oge’ was seen dancing braless.

In another video, she was seen with a massive Cucumber, trying to force it into her body.

This has caused outrage online as many Nigerians have wondered what some ladies have turned themselves into all in the name of slaying.

Some are saying she will find it hard to get married because no man will want to marry her over her display.

Nichukwudi_ibeh: “A lot of silly girls on IG now. Is this one another Tacha?”

Ndlistic4real: “See her. Who will marry her? She’s spoilt finish. No serious man will want to have her as a wife, just use and dump her, nonsense.”

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