Nollywood Costumier, Uche Nancy And Her 4 Daughters Rock Matching Outfits

Nollywood actress Uche Nancy and her 4 beautiful daughters poses together, rock matching outfits in style.

Just take look at my beautiful daughters, the girls am proud of, the love of my life, the people I always appreciate with smiles whenever I look at their faces. The hard working ladies, whom don’t depend on mum.
You girls are the admired children every mother will love to have as daughters because from the start until now, you have never given me headache. Thank you so much. Finally, I can’t wait for my lasti @chinenyennebe to graduate so I will give God a big thanks making all my daughters to be graduates.

I pray so hard that in my next world for me to have you girls again.
I love you all, starting from my first daughter @sonia_uche , second @preetyomah , third @i_am_jesinta and the last @chinenyennebe

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