Unnecessary Drama As Mohamed Salah Throws Weird Jibe About Mancity Star Sergio Aguero.

Only Mohamed Salah can answer why he turned a simple question from a former Liverpool player about his overall contribution into a mocking review of Sergio Aguero’s season and non-existent critics.

“I don’t care too much,” he told Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports when asked about the winner against Tottenham.

“I didn’t score for a couple of games but there are some players who have the same number of goals as me and they say they’re having the best season of their life.

“There are three or four players nobody talks about, but I’m the only one having a bad season. Aguero has just two goals more than me and they say this is one of the best seasons for him so far.”

Assuming he was being sincere rather than playing mind games, Salah is entitled to feel like there are double standards at play but everyone else is entitled to point out that his opinion does not hold up to facts.

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