“Why Poor Guys Leave Their Longtime Girlfriends When They Become Rich”

Women who stick to struggling men until the men grow their financial IQs and become financially stable are usually praised and approved by almost everyone.

While that may be a testament to a woman’s praiseworthy character, I am of the opinion that such women still fall short, in the sense that they only stick to a man while he grows his financial IQ, without them growing theirs too.

A poorly resourceful but endearing woman may mean the world to a struggling man. But the moment he mounts financial heights, his once endearing but financially uneducated partner may become a liability.

Mounting financial heights is a function of FINANCIAL EDUCATION, and financial education promotes ASSETS but frowns at LIABILITIES. As you know, assets put money in your pocket while liabilities take money out of your pocket.

A poorly resourceful woman may be an asset to a struggling man because she supplies his emotional needs despite his low financial state. But when he grows his IQ and gets rich, he’ll most likely require more than emotional satisfaction from her.

If she had failed to grow her financial IQ along with him, she will depend on him to supply her financial/material needs just as she supplied and still supplies his emotional needs. At this point, the woman may become less attractive to the man.

Any woman can supply emotional needs. And when it comes to supplying emotional needs, it’s a two-way traffic. But if she had grown her financial IQ along with him, she would easily flow in the same frequency with him, both emotionally and financially.

That way, their attraction to each other endures and their love blossoms. Between a financially educated partner and a financially uneducated partner, there will be arguments and fights over money, and most of the time, if not all the time, the root of the problem can be traced to the partner with low or no financial education.

That is why one partner eventually walks away. Even the Bible says; “Can two work together except they be agreed?” In most cases, the partner who walks away is the one with more financial education, which in the context of the write-up, is the man.

We may call him a monster, an ingrate, or Lucifer, as the case may be. But if you take a quick run through history, you’ll find that many financially educated women had to dump their financially uneducated male partners when they could no longer agree on certain money-related matters. It is not a GENDER THING. It is a GROWTH THING.

The 21st century ladies have asserted that sticking to a struggling man is one of the most uncalculated risks to take because the man dumps them for another woman the moment he gets rich. But how many men of substance walk away from women of real WORTH and VALUE?

If you supply emotional needs alone, what happens when other needs arise? It takes more than the emotions of love to keep an affair going. And I am not in any way talking down on women who see beyond a man’s pocket. As a matter of fact, I ADORE them.

That is why I am writing this piece: to give them heads up on how to keep the RICH VERSION of their partner glued to them, thereby making the years they spent with his POOR VERSION count. Don’t just service his emotions while he grows his financial IQ. Grow yours too. That’s one important thing that will earn you his affection and respect in the long run.

Emotion and finance have been the key focus of this piece. But they are not the only areas that require growth to keep you BALANCED. Others include spiritual, mental, academic, etc. Whatever the growth, the bottom line is: GROW ALONG WITH YOUR PARTNER TO AVOID STORIES THAT TOUCH.

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